Global Services & Solutions (GSS) has a strong vision for the future of energy and our environment. We at GSS believe in doing the right thing, the right way, emphasizing the need for responsible planning, strategies, and actions to address the environmental and the energy problems, so that our solutions don't cause any new problem.

We are mainly involved in the development of efficient renewable energy products, projects, and processes that are not only socio-economically responsible but also better support the overall ecology of our biosphere. We are strong supporters of sustainable and eco-friendly green revolution, which involves biological control, eliminating the use of harmful chemicals as much as possible, and promoting organic lifestyle. Our main focus of attention is the development of renewable and energy efficient products to reduce dependence on fossil fuels. We may undertake projects that are not specifically related to environment or energy efficiency, to fund our research and development of environment-friendly products.

Our philosophy is that small savings in energy, because of energy efficient products, systems, processes etc. and substitution with renewable resources wherever possible, can collectively make a big difference. Just like one trillion cents make ten billion dollars---a huge amount. Similarly an integration approach, based on economy and substitution with renewable resources, can substantially reduce dependence on fossil fuels, more than 50%, in a short period of time and we can safely sign the Kyoto protocol.

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