We intend to produce and market patented products #1 & #7 in the following list. We also intend to undertake R&D work on Projects #2, #3, #4, #7, #12, and #14. We would like to find PEOPLE INTERESTED IN WORKING ON THE BASIS OF EQUITY. Similarly, we are also looking for venture capitalists/angel investors/business partners who can arrange needed funds and provide expertise in the areas of finance, manufacturing, and marketing. 

1.     Waste Organizing Cabinet (patent # 6,209,978)-

  • Most convenient recycling equipment for use in homes

  • Can help achieve the goal of zero waste along with the best possible quality of recyclables

  • Cities and counties can significantly lower their cost of waste disposal management, a part of which can be passed on to the residents, in the form of rebate in property tax

Brochure available; Integrating Recycling into our Lifestyle ; Business Brief

2.     GSS Project # 7; Flex-Fuel Furnace

3.     GSS Project # 3 Abstract; Drink Fountain System

4.     GSS Project # 4;  Mini-anaerobic digester

5.     GSS Project # 14; Green Restaurant Model

6.     Comprehensive Renewable Energy Management System; abstract available.

7.     Desk Organizer (Patent # 7,273,152 )

  • A revolutionary concept in office desk organization

  • Most convenient, flexible, versatile, and compact design with best space economy

  • You lose the ability to misplace any office equipment/item

8.     Project # 12; Auto-engine efficiency; abstract available.